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Calamus International University was previously represented in the UK and most international regions by Calamus Extension College Ltd., London.  Calamus Extension College Ltd. is no longer dealing with student liaison and enrolments for CIU and all administration previously handled by the Extension College is being transferred to UK College of Holistic Training (see  The Calamus Extension College contact details will remain in operation for at least a further 12 months so that any communications from people unaware of the changes can be redirected and handled.

You may still use the Calamus email address which will be operational for the reasonable future. Enquiries will be routed to the appropriate office.


Correspondence should now be sent to UK College of Holistic Training as follows:


UK College of Holistic Training

27 Old Gloucester Street

London WC1N 3AX

United Kingdom


Email address for all CIU matters:


UKCHT can now handle all enquiries from current and previous students as well as admissions enquiries.

UKCHT is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning and is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers, UK Provider Reference Number 10028354.  



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About Calamus International University


Education is light and what the world needs is more light       Will Hayes (1931) 


In the words of mystic Will Hayes (1931), “The only certain way to World Brotherhood [a  concept implying equality, freedom and peace for all of humanity] is through the gateway of knowledge. Education is the secret of progress. Education is light and what the world needs is more light.”  With due acknowledgement to Will Hayes’ vision, CIU is proud to adopt the motto “Education is Light.”  For more information see the Calamus Project page.

Calamus International University is a non-traditional institution whose mission is to provide independent educational opportunities, allowing students anywhere in the world to work towards and be awarded earned degrees by flexible routes. CIU recognises that the higher educational goals and needs of adults, and especially accomplished professionals, differ from those of high-school leavers, and that the mature student is usually a self-directed or autonomous learner who is well-motivated, has a relevant background, possesses considerable knowledge and is able to contribute significantly to the design of his or her own studies.


Calamus International University encourages the study and investigation of mainstream and unconventional subjects in accordance within a holistic ambience. Interdisciplinary study and research by both students and faculty within a holistic paradigm is also encouraged. Diversification of mentor responsibilities over different fields allows the University to offer a broad range of interdisciplinary and independent studies and allows students to propose their own majors, subject to approval and availability of suitable mentors.


Course units are mostly based upon textbooks by experts renowned in their fields, and many units will introduce students to new perspectives from exciting and innovative thinkers.


Routes to a degree concentrate upon distance learning but may include tuition at or with centres, colleges, mentors or tutors approved by the University, and independent study. Appropriate allowance may be given for academic credit for prior education and relevant experience.

CIU is not under ownership of any religious or metaphysical organisation and is non-denominational.  Students from any faith or creed or none are welcome. 

Location and Registration

Calamus International University is international in scope and does not restrict itself to the educational conventions of any one country. Its strength is in the diverse knowledge and experience of its international faculty, linked by electronic and conventional communication. Administration is co-ordinated partly from the United Kingdom and partly from overseas, and tutors may be located in any country where adjunct faculty reside. CIU is a non-campus university, a class of institution that is part of  the 21st-century, rapidly-changing world of alternative private education. These institutions have also been called "campus-free" or "universities without walls."

Calamus International University was founded in the British West Indies in 2001

The University’s corporate location in the British West Indies was established in 2001 through becoming licensed as Calamus International University Ltd, enabling the institution to accept students from all continents.  The University was issued a certificate of registration from the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies.  Later developments saw CIU become registered in the Pacific, and Calamus International University ceased its corporate presence in the Turks and Caicos at the end of December, 2007. 

Registration in the Pacific

Vanuatu flag
flag of Vanuatu - image courtesy of

In September 2007, Calamus International University became registered in the Republic of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific, under the International Companies Act No. 32 of 1992, Republic of Vanuatu. To honour the original founding of CIU in the West Indies in 2001, the university company registered in Vanuatu was given the name of Calamus International University (British West Indies) Ltd.  The company is limited by Guarantee and its registration number is 34088.  The articles and memorandum of the company allow the trading style "Calamus International University" to be used.  

Vanuatu has been an independent sovereign state since 1980 and was previously known as the New Hebrides when it was controlled jointly by Britain and France. Vanuatu is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth).

The address of CIU in the Republic of Vanuatu is:  Calamus International University (British West Indies) Ltd., PO Box 1487, Port Vila, Vanuatu.  

(Please note that ALL routine correspondence, including all student and academic matters, from any part of the world, should be sent to CIU's international representatives who are UK COLLEGE OF HOLISTIC TRAINING, London, UK - contact details given above near the top of this page.  This includes any enquiries from Australia, New Zealand, Niue or Polynesia.) 


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Calamus International University is accredited
by the International Association for Distance Learning, membership no. 11031 (since 2006)


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