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Subject area:    Eclectic Studies Bachelor (BA or BSc) 


Awarding body:            Calamus International University.  For further details of CIU please see the about page.


Status of course:          The degrees are non-UK qualifications. For status of CIU please see the status page.  CIU is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.  


Entry requirements:      Bachelor - by accelerated entry - approx. 50% credit from previous studies and/or experience needed for entry.


Method of study:            Distance learning (taught course units are textbook-based) Textbooks are not included in tuition fees. 

Extensive credit can be allowed for previous education especially work at other universities.


Start date:                        Any time of year (subject to availability)


Duration:                         The standard period of registration for an accelerated (advanced-entry) Bachelor's degree is a maximum of 18 months, after which registration lapses unless continuing registration fees are paid.  This plan ensures that students can (a) complete as soon as academic requirements are fulfilled and (b) do not have to pay for long compulsory registration periods of several years before the final requirements can be met.  In some cases, where the student needs to meet additional requirements, the agreed initial registration period will be up to 24 months.




This brochure should be read together with the Calamus general prospectus (catalogue) and Course Unit List.  Calamus International University degrees are not UK degrees and do not have government accreditation.  



Eclectic Studies - non-UK Distance Degrees

This major was previously known as General Studies. An Eclectic Studies BA or BSc degree from Calamus International University enables students who have studied any field(s) at other universities, but who have not completed their degree, to transfer their credit to CIU and complete the degree by taking selected CIU taught units and/or approved external or independent study. In some cases, only a Bachelor's project may be sufficient for graduation.

The exact programme of study will negotiated between the personal tutor and the student after enrolment, depending on amount and type of transfer credit, interests and professional needs. Credit transfer will be given for most trainings and other professional continuing education as well as skilled responsible work experience.


If the previous degree major was a significant one, it may be possible to make it part of the CIU major to be awarded. For example if you have studied biology (which CIU does not offer) and wish to complete a degree by switching to counselling psychology, provided your transfer credit can be accepted, the CIU degree can be awarded in Biology and or with Counselling Psychology. ("And" indicates a double major; "with" indicates a minor.)


The courses listed on your previous transcript(s) can be listed on your CIU transcript, noting the name of your previous university.


The accelerated Bachelor's degree


Eclectic Studies is only available as an accelerated BA/BSc. The CIU BA/BSc is normally an accelerated degree for  students with some further or higher education and/or training who have at least 50% credit towards a degree. This credit can come from most types of education plus skilled work experience, etc. The accelerated BA can be completed within 18 months. If  you do not have enough credit, or prefer a full BA, this will take longer (typically 3 years part-time) and will cost more.


The Calamus International University programmes provide a flexible path towards the degree of your choice, with the emphasis on your personal preferences so that the degree can be tailored as closely as possible to your interests and goals.

Textbooks and coursework

The tuition fees do not include textbooks. Students normally buy their books from on-line bookstores such as Amazon.  Second-hand copies of textbooks can often be found via Amazon or or  It is impossible to indicate the cost of books as prices vary and fluctuate all the time.  Each course unit will typically require one course textbook.  The typical MA or accelerated BA degree programme will require between 15 and 20 books.  

After enrolment a questionnaire is issued to help the student and the college to co-design an individualised study plan.  At this point a choice of course units is made and the student is given details of the appropriate books.

Most units are completed using written work based on the textbooks and other set exercises, and written work may be emailed to the college for assessment.

The programmes work on the basis of continuous assessment and there is no final examination. The programmes are totally by distance learning and there is no attendance requirement of any kind at any time.


Credit requirements


Bachelor - 120 credits including transfer credits.


One credit is nominally equivalent to one semester hour as in the typical American degree programme. The average course unit taken with CIU has a value of 3 credits or 3 semester hours.



Further advice


This brochure cannot cover everything, and further advice is available on enquiry. For best advice, please send us a copy of your curriculum vitae or resume with details of all relevant trainings you have done.

To see our prospectus and course unit list, and also to download an application form, please go to our downloads page

To see our tuition fees on-line please go to our tuition fees page

Calamus International University which awards the degrees is not a UK or US university - for status details click here.

If you have any queries please contact us, preferably by email on

Page updated 23 March 2013

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