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Subject area:    Business Management  Bachelor, Master, Doctorate   


Awarding body:            Calamus International University.  For further details of CIU please see the about page.


Status of course:          The degrees are non-UK qualifications. For status of CIU please see the status page.  CIU is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.  


Entry requirements:      Bachelor - by accelerated entry - approx. 50% credit from previous studies and/or experience needed for entry.

                                   Master -  a suitable bachelor's degree is normally required.
                                   Doctorate -  a Bachelor's degree (and preferably a Master's) are normally required.


Method of study:            Distance learning (taught course units are textbook-based) Textbooks are not included in tuition fees. 


Start date:                        Any time of year (subject to availability)


Duration:                         The standard period of registration for an accelerated (advanced-entry) Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree or a Doctorate is a maximum of 18 months, after which registration lapses unless continuing registration fees are paid.  This plan ensures that students can (a) complete as soon as academic requirements are fulfilled and (b) do not have to pay for long compulsory registration periods of several years before the final requirements can be met.  In some cases, where the student needs to meet additional requirements, the agreed initial registration period will be up to 24 months.




This brochure should be read together with the Calamus general prospectus (catalogue) and Course Unit List.  Calamus International University degrees are not UK degrees and do not have government accreditation.  


Business Management

BBA (advanced entry), EMBA, MBA, DBA, M.Phil. and Ph.D.

From 2011 CIU restructured its provision of distance learning management courses concentrating on courses within a holistic context.

This means a focus on self-development of the manager, communication and “soft skills”, and an understanding of how human-centred, caring, co-operative, ecological and spiritual concepts have the possibility of transforming the company of today and the business of the future. Courses can include those on leadership, spirituality and values in the workplace, executive development and organisational behaviour, coaching and NLP, and other relevant disciplines.

The management programmes provided are meant for:

(a) People who already have some sound management study, e.g. university credits or professional diplomas, including core management topics such as economics and financial management.

(b) People with suitable qualifications who wish to complete a degree by thesis or dissertation, which may be in any acceptable area of management or business studies. Doctoral degrees will need additional credit as well as the dissertation. This credit can come from prior study or experience (if suitable material exists for transfer) or by taking selected CIU course units from our "soft skills" and business psychology range.

The E.M.B.A. is an accelerated programme by taught course units only; the M.B.A. requires a project in addition. Direct entry to M.B.A./E.M.B.A. is possible if the candidate can demonstrate a record of professionalism as an executive, manager, trainer, coach or role of equivalent standing, or if the candidate holds a professional qualification. Prior learning and achievements may be submitted for credit evaluation.

The M.B.A. requires 45 credits post-Bachelor level including a thesis; the E.M.B.A. 30 credits without a thesis, and the D.B.A. at least 60 credit units.

Most students coming to Calamus International University for their management degrees already have a good grounding in core business fields such as economics, financial management etc, through previous degrees or professional qualifications, so those core subjects do not form a part of our holistic/"soft-skills" programmes.

Normal study period: 18 months or less.

Status of degrees

Please see our status page for full details of the status and recognition of Calamus International University degrees and please note they are not UK or US degrees and are not government-accredited.  However, many people who do not have the opportunity of pursuing a full-time degree, or a degree at a well-known university, consider the CIU option. Established business owners who missed out on earlier education increasingly find that a degree after their name is desirable, and CIU provides an affordable and manageable route to a management qualification. People considering a self-employed venture will also improve their image by gaining a degree. Doing business in certain regions of the world is facilitated by having a postgraduate degree as such a qualification tends to increase status and respect.  All degrees must be used in accordance with any applicable local laws and regulations, and local advice should be sought regarding the suitability of a CIU qualification for any particular purpose.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – accelerated route

A Bachelor’s degree by distance learning is available via an accelerated route for students with a high level of qualifications, skills and experience.  The first step will be to evaluate the applicant’s portfolio of prior credit.  Then the amount of credit required to complete the degree will be assessed, and on acceptance, a negotiable programme of study will be set to complete the Bachelor’s degree.  In most cases it will be possible to complete the Bachelor’s within 18 months, though confidential individual advice will be given on the applicant’s particular situation and estimated completion time.

Suitable candidates with a successful career and/or other qualifications and no first degree, may be considered for direct entry to the CIU MBA.

If you want further advice on how much transfer credit you might have towards a Bachelor’s, or whether you are eligible for direct entry to an MBA, please send your CV or resume by email to

Normal study period: 18 months or less. 

The MBA degree

CIU affords the opportunity for experienced and knowledgeable individuals to complete their MBA studies via an accelerated route, OR to do a full-length MBA programme. Our course units focus on psychological/behavioural, holistic and spiritual approaches within a business context, including work-based counselling, coaching and leadership skills, sales psychology, and business NLP. 

A Bachelor’s degree is not necessary for entry and you can go direct from a higher diploma in business or similar qualification to an MBA.  

If you wish to complete your MBA by an accelerated route, the first step will be to evaluate your portfolio of prior credit. Then the amount of credit required to complete the degree will be assessed, and on acceptance, a programme of study will be negotiated to complete the MBA degree.  In most cases it will be possible to complete the Master’s within 12 months, though confidential individual advice will be given on the applicant’s particular situation and estimated completion time.

No entrance tests are required for the Calamus International University MBA, although in doubtful cases a qualifying examination may be set.

The MBA may be completed entirely through taught distance learning modules, or by taught courses plus a project. The standard format will be 45 credits, i.e. 15 x 3-credit units or equivalent.  A project, if chosen, is worth a maximum of 9 credits.  Exceptionally, for people with appropriate background, units from other CIU subject areas may be taken.

The project may be in any area related to business or management, subject to approval.

If you already have a postgraduate diploma in management, another postgraduate Management degree or a postgraduate qualification in a related field such as accounting, the MBA may be completed by project alone.

If you want further advice on whether you are eligible for  entry to an MBA, please send your CV or resume with your enquiry to

The EMBA degree (Executive Master of Business Administration)

The EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) is a shortened form of the MBA degree without a major project or equivalent.  Direct entry to the EMBA is possible for experienced managers or business owners along the same lines as direct entry to the MBA.

MSc/ MA degrees in Management

The Master's degree in a Business Management major may be taken as an MSc or MA degree if that is preferred. Please contact us for further discussion.

The DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)

A DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) may be taken along similar lines to the MBA.  A Master’s degree (in any field) is necessary for entry to the DBA. If you do not have a Master’s, please ask us about a combined MBA/DBA programme.

The DBA requires 60 credits.  

Research degrees – M.Phil. and Ph.D.

CIU offers the research degrees of M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy) and Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Business Management/Business Administration.  

The M.Phil. degree may be completed by thesis/dissertation only and there are no taught courses. Applicants must already be university graduates and have a working knowledge of research methodology appropriate to their field.

The Ph.D. requirements have changed since January 2011 and it is no longer possible to complete a Ph.D. solely by research and dissertation.  Extra credit is required to reach the minimum of 60 credits (semester hour equivalents) for the award. This credit may come from prior qualifications and/or experience - in which case no new actual course unit study is necessary - or, if such transfer credit is not available, the student may have to take several CIU course units from our "soft skills" range.

The thesis/dissertation for the M.Phil. or Ph.D. may be in any area of business or management.

Many PhD students welcome the opportunity to study independently, which CIU provides: in this model, the student works with limited guidance and can complete the project faster than with traditional supervision. Independent students are already highly knowledgeable and often have already made some progress towards their dissertation with another college or on their own.

We welcome applicants with “ABD” (all but dissertation) status. Students who have completed the taught components of an American (or similar) Ph.D. – even if several years have elapsed – may complete their Ph.D. with Calamus International University.

M.Phil. and Ph.D. students also have the opportunity to present a major unpublished work in lieu of a thesis.

For further advice, please contact , preferably with a copy of your CV or resume and details of your research proposal.

Honorary degrees

Established and successful entrepreneurs and senior managers may quality for an honorary doctorate from CIU – this is not an “earned” or “academic” award and no academic work is required. All honorary doctorates will be inscribed with the legend “honoris causa” to distinguish them from earned degrees. It is possible to self-nominate for an honorary doctorate and prospective candidates should submit a full resume or curriculum vitae in the first instance without obligation. The candidate will receive free advice on suitability for an honorary doctorate or an alternative degree. Fees will be charged for processing an honorary award.  CIU grants very few honorary awards – the candidate’s suitability and experience will be very carefully assessed and inevitably some applicants will be rejected. We exercise due diligence in checking claims made by candidates concerning their qualifications and business backgrounds, in order to preserve the reputation of CIU awards.

Management degrees offered via local overseas centres

Degrees offered via classroom attendance or individual tuition routes at local overseas centres in certain countries may differ from programmes described on this page due to conformity with local requirements.  Certain courses may be available locally that are not offered by distance learning. There are no such local or classroom-based programmes operating in the UK or USA.

Diploma in Organisational Behaviour

This distance learning Diploma is awarded by our affiliated school, UK College of Holistic Training.  It can provide credit towards a Calamus BA, MA or EMBA. For details see the  UKCHT website at, email

General information on Calamus International University distance degrees

All study is by distance learning.  Textbooks, to be bought by the student, are required for most units. BBA/MBA/DBA Degrees can be completed entirely by taught units or optionally a student may elect to do a project which will be worth 9 credits.

There are no compulsory entry tests. However, a qualifying examination may be set if the candidate does not have sufficient prior academic qualifications and his or her suitability for academic study and level of written communication skills are in doubt. Such a qualifying exam will normally comprise two essays.

CIU degrees are not UK or US degrees and are not government-accredited. For further information see the about and status pages on this website.


Credit requirements


Bachelor -  120 credits including transfer credits.

Master -  45 credits including any transfer credits if the degree includes a thesis, or 48 credits without a thesis.

Doctorate (taught or research) - minimum 60 credits including any transfer credits if the degree includes a dissertation, or 70 credits without a dissertation.  The Ph.D. must include a dissertation.  A research doctorate will normally incorporate postgraduate transfer credits or credits from professional trainings.  If insufficient transfer credit is available then some CIU taught course modules may need to be taken in addition to the research programme and dissertation.


One credit is nominally equivalent to one semester hour as in the typical American degree programme. The average course unit taken with CIU has a value of 3 credits or 3 semester hours.



Further advice


This brochure cannot cover everything, and further advice is available on enquiry. For best advice, please send us a copy of your curriculum vitae or resume with details of all relevant trainings you have done.

To see our prospectus and course unit list, and also to download an application form, please go to our downloads page

To see our tuition fees on-line please go to our tuition fees page

Calamus International University which awards the degrees is not a UK or US university - for status details click here.

If you have any queries please contact us, preferably by email on

Page updated 3 February 2012

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