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Subject area:    Contemporary Voice - rock, pop and other contemporary singing

Bachelor, Master, Doctorate


Awarding body:            Calamus International University.  For further details of CIU please see the about page.


Status of course:          The degrees are non-UK qualifications. For status of CIU please see the status page.  CIU is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.  


Entry requirements:      Bachelor - by accelerated entry - approx. 50% credit from previous studies and/or experience needed for entry.

                                   Master -  a suitable bachelor's degree or professional qualifications are normally required.
                                   Doctorate -  a Bachelor's degree (and preferably a Master's) plus professional qualifications are normally required.


Method of study:            Distance learning (taught course units are provided and tutored by VIDLA - see below)


Start date:                        Any time of year (subject to availability)


Duration:                         The standard period of registration for an accelerated (advanced-entry) Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree or a Doctorate is a maximum of 18 months, after which registration lapses unless continuing registration fees are paid.  This plan ensures that students can (a) complete as soon as academic requirements are fulfilled and (b) do not have to pay for long compulsory registration periods of several years before the final requirements can be met.  In some cases, where the student needs to meet additional requirements, the agreed initial registration period will be up to 24 months.




This brochure should be read together with the Calamus general prospectus (catalogue) and Course Unit List.  Calamus International University degrees are not UK degrees and do not have government accreditation.  



 validated by
Calamus International University

(non-UK qualifications)

in cooperation with

VIDLA Vocalist International Distance Learning Academy

 VIDLA - Vocalist International Distance Learning Academy

Our Contemporary Voice programmes allow a student to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Calamus International University concurrently with studying for a UK diploma from VIDLA – Vocalist International Distance Learning Academy.
Web  Email:  VIDLA is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning and is an institutional member of the College of Teachers.  

(All courses are by distance learning but practical assignments may be set and examined by audio or audiovisual performance recording.  All courses are for trained and experienced performers. Core course materials are provided by  VIDLA – see below.)

BA Contemporary Voice – this degree is for singers in popular  (non-classical) styles, who already have some further education and who would like to achieve a BA by taking modules in contemporary singing and voicework, plus elective units such as psychology of music, history of rock music and, if suitable, some units from other categories.  Most of the units available for Contemporary Voice will be provided by VIDLA – see below. 

The Calamus International University BA is an advanced-entry qualification and applicants should have sufficient prior credit equivalent to at least 50% of a degree.  In many cases this will come from completing a full-length VIDLA diploma at a suitable level.  If the student does not have sufficient credit, extra work may be proposed either before or after the core VIDLA components. On the other hand, if the student has plenty of acceptable credit and a suitable background, the path to a BA may be accelerated further, using a minimum number of modules, especially if the student intends to continue to an MA.  

MA Contemporary Voice – this works similarly to the BA advanced-entry programme, except that entrants will need to have an acceptable BA or equivalent qualification (not necessarily in music) plus adequate musical training and performance experience.  Prior credit transfer is more limited and is normally restricted to recognised postgraduate music qualifications.

Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Contemporary Voice, by research and dissertation.  Entry requirement: an acceptable Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree plus an acceptable qualification in music or voice plus evidence of suitability through previous achievements in composition, performance, production/editing, teaching or musicology.

Length of study

If a Calamus International University BA or MA degree is to be completed concurrently with a VIDLA qualification, then the registration period for the degree will be the same as for the relevant VIDLA diploma, as follows:

VIDLA Diploma  - 12 months
VIDLA Professional Diploma – 18 months
VIDLA Higher Diploma -  24 months

The length of registration for the Ph.D. by research and dissertation is normally 18 months in the first instance, after which extensions are offered on a semester (6-monthly ) basis.  This scheme allows people who have already completed advanced work on their own towards their chosen project to finish their degrees in reasonable time and at reasonable expense without being tied to a minimum-length academic timetable of several years. On the other hand, people who do need longer or who are just starting their research can register for longer periods as necessary.

In the case of dual BA/MA registration with accelerated completion of the BA mainly via transfer credit plus appropriate Calamus and/or VIDLA modules, the exact registration period will vary in each case and you will receive further advice on application. If you have extensive previous qualifications and are taking a longer VIDLA course, this dual degree plan might be the option you wish to consider, especially as it provides considerable savings on degree registration fees.

How to Apply

If you are applying for a VIDLA diploma, please apply direct to VIDLA (see below for contact details.)

If you are applying for a VIDLA qualification and concurrent Calamus International University degree, please apply to VIDLA and also contact Calamus Extension College Ltd.

If you are applying for a degree only (BA. MA or PhD), please contact Calamus Extension College Ltd. 

You will be sent the appropriate application form(s) and instructions as to what other material to provide.

Tuition fees for degree courses

These fees are payable in addition to any fees to VIDLA for the relevant diploma(s). All these fees are subject to change at any time.

We are registering VIDLA students for concurrent Calamus International University degrees (BA or MA) for a single fee of GBP 650 that is due at the time of your registration with VIDLA.

(Please note that it is only possible to offer the concurrent degree subject to registration with Calamus International University and fee payment to Calamus Extension College at the outset. Otherwise additional work may be required and the fee will be the normal Calamus degree fee which is given in our tuition fees table.) 

If you are doing a VIDLA qualification and registering at the same time for the Calamus International University dual BA/MA programme, please ask us for the reduced fee payable if you enrol with Calamus concurrently with your VIDLA studies - if you enrol with CIU later, higher fees will apply.

The fee for a Calamus International University PhD programme is available on request.

A modular payment scheme is available for the Calamus International University PhD.  The modular fee is payable over 10 monthly payments. This is not a credit agreement as each payment represents a nominal period of study and payments can be cancelled at any time without any debt and without any further payments being due. Please ask us for the latest fee details.

The fees mentioned in our tuition fee page are current at the time of publication but are subject to change at any time.

For international currency conversions, please see

When we receive your application we will advise on methods of payment available.

Who’s Who

You will find below a brief guide to the three participating institutions and what they do, and where you can get further information.


VIDLA – Vocalist International Distance Learning Academy, offers training of singers and singing teachers in the Contemporary (non-classical) field by flexible (distance) learning.  Certificates and various grades of Diploma are offered, plus single units for occasional study or as part of other programmes.

VIDLA is a UK company and all of its certificates and diplomas are UK qualifications.  VIDLA is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.

For further information, including fees, please see the VIDLA website at    Email:  

Correspondence address:

Vocalist International Distance Learning Academy

Suite 1712

PO Box  6945

London W1A 6US

Telephone number (24 hour voicemail)  0203 - 416 - 5460 

Calamus Extension College Ltd.

Calamus Extension College Ltd. is a private UK educational company that provides tutoring and administrative support for distance degree courses validated and awarded by Calamus International University, which is a non-UK university (see below).  Calamus Extension College Ltd. also offers certain diplomas, mainly for the overseas market via local partner colleges abroad.  Enrolment for Calamus International University distance learning courses is normally via Calamus Extension College Ltd. (However, Calamus Extension College Limited does not itself award any degrees). Calamus Extension College Ltd. is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.

Calamus International University

Calamus International University is a private non-UK distance learning university founded in the British West Indies in 2001 and currently registered in the Republic of Vanuatu, in the Pacific.  Calamus International University degrees are not UK degrees and are not accredited by any government-recognised agency.  Most Calamus International University students are self-employed professionals or business owners who appreciate a non-traditional and more flexible approach to earning a degree by distance learning. Calamus International University is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.

Applications for Calamus International University distance learning degrees are handled by Calamus Extension College Ltd.

Website and contact details

The Calamus website, giving information about Calamus Extension College Ltd. and Calamus International University, is at

Please email regarding applications, enquiries and all student matters.

Application forms for Calamus International University degrees,  as well as other literature, may be downloaded from or email for assistance.

Postal address:

Calamus Extension College Ltd.
27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3XX
United Kingdom

Tel. 0207 748 3134 

Fax 0207 748 3126


Credit requirements


Bachelor -  120 credits including transfer credits.

Master -     45 credits including any transfer credits if the degree includes a thesis, or 48 credits without a thesis.

Doctorate (taught or research) - minimum 60 credits including any transfer credits if the degree includes a dissertation, or 70 credits without a dissertation.  The Ph.D. must include a dissertation.  A research doctorate will normally incorporate postgraduate transfer credits or credits from professional trainings.  If insufficient transfer credit is available then some CIU taught course modules may need to be taken in addition to the research programme and dissertation.


One credit is nominally equivalent to one semester hour as in the typical American degree programme. The average course unit taken with CIU has a value of 3 credits or 3 semester hours.




Further advice


This brochure cannot cover everything, and further advice is available on enquiry. For best advice, please send us a copy of your curriculum vitae or resume with details of all relevant trainings you have done.

To see our prospectus and course unit list, and also to download an application form, please go to our downloads page

To see our tuition fees on-line please go to our tuition fees page

Calamus International University which awards the degrees is not a UK or US university - for status details click here.

If you have any queries please contact us, preferably by email on

Page updated 8 December 2011

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