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Subject area:    Homeopathy - Degrees for Qualified Homeopaths  Bachelor, Master, Doctorate  

                             (alternative keywords:  homoeopathy, homeopathic, homoeopathic)


Awarding body:            Calamus International University.  For further details of CIU please see the about page.


Status of course:          The degrees are non-UK qualifications. For status of CIU please see the status page.  CIU is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.  


Entry requirements:      Bachelor - by accelerated entry - acceptable professional homeopathic qualification (diploma) required.

                                   Master -  a suitable bachelor's degree or professional qualifications are normally required.
                                   Doctorate (Ph.D.) -  a Bachelor's degree (and preferably a Master's) plus professional qualifications are normally required.


Method of study:            Distance learning (taught course units are textbook-based) Textbooks are not included in tuition fees. 


Start date:                        Any time of year (subject to availability)


Duration:                         The standard period of registration for an accelerated (advanced-entry) Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree or a Doctorate is a maximum of 18 months, after which registration lapses unless continuing registration fees are paid.  This plan ensures that students can (a) complete as soon as academic requirements are fulfilled and (b) do not have to pay for long compulsory registration periods of several years before the final requirements can be met.  In some cases, where the student needs to meet additional requirements, the agreed initial registration period will be up to 24 months.




This brochure should be read together with the Calamus general prospectus (catalogue) and Course Unit List.  Calamus International University degrees are not UK degrees and do not have government accreditation.  



The following distance learning non-UK degree opportunities are currently available:

B.Phil. (Bachelor of Philosophy) in Homeopathy: available to qualified and experienced homeopaths with an acceptable diploma who wish to convert their current diploma to a (non-UK) degree by writing an extended project.  The minimum time of study depends on the student’s prior qualification, experience and education. There is no taught coursework – this path to completion consists solely of advanced entry and completion of the project. Suggested completion period one academic year (9 months), but in exceptional circumstances completion may be sooner.

The suggested length of the B.Phil. project report is 10,000 words and it can be based on case studies, theory or philosophy of homeopathy.

Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Homeopathy and/or Energy therapies, by research and dissertation, under the supervision of the CIU Professor of Homeopathy or the CIU Professor of Natural Medicine.  Suggested completion period 18-24 months, but some projects may take longer and the total fees will depend on length of study.  Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher degree (in any field) from an approved university plus a professional qualification in homeopathy and preferably 5 years’ clinical experience.  Sound knowledge of scientific method, research methodology and statistics is strongly preferred. All research proposals must be ethical and in accordance with relevant laws of the country where the research is carried out (including any applicable data protection laws).  The candidate should be in a position to obtain any necessary permissions for access to patients, use of records, etc.

Ph.D. candidates must have local access to all facilities and equipment needed to conduct their research and perform statistical analysis of the results. Liaison with the faculty will be by distance learning only.

Ph.D. supervision will be carried out by email from either the U.K. or overseas.

Please note that the only route to a Ph.D. in Homeopathy from Calamus International University is by writing a traditional, supervised  research-based dissertation and there is no independent study or alternative route to the Ph.D. in Homeopathy. CIU does not offer honorary doctorates in Homeopathy. CIU does not offer "conversion" of  a professional homeopathy diploma to a Ph.D. without a Bachelor's or Master's degree, as is offered by certain American universities.

The suggested length of the Ph.D. thesis in homeopathy is at least 25,000 words.

Your existing diploma in homeopathy and/or other prior qualifications may also be considered towards various other CIU degree courses, for example Complementary Medicine Studies, Wellness Studies.

If you need any further guidance about whether you qualify for entry to one of the CIU degree programmes, please send us details of your background and prior education to enable us to advise you further.

If you would like further advice on whether your proposed work would be suitable for Ph.D. registration, please give an outline of the proposed project including aims of the project and likely timescale.  If the project is not considered suitable for Ph.D. in Homeopathy, then it might be considered for the degree of M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy), or for a Ph>D. in a different major.

Use of the Ph.D. degree by homeopaths:

The Ph.D. degree and the title "Doctor" must not be used in any way that could be mistaken for the role of medical doctor when marketing your services to clients. Obtain advice from your professional association and other bodies as necessary. We can give informal suggestions on how to incorporate the title in your marketing but we cannot give legal advice.  You are responsible for presenting your qualifications legally and ethically.


Credit requirements


Bachelor -  120 credits including transfer credits.

Master -  45 credits including any transfer credits if the degree includes a thesis, or 48 credits without a thesis.

Doctorate (taught or research) - minimum 60 credits including any transfer credits if the degree includes a dissertation, or 70 credits without a dissertation.  The Ph.D. must include a dissertation.  A research doctorate will normally incorporate postgraduate transfer credits or credits from professional trainings.  If insufficient transfer credit is available then some CIU taught course modules may need to be taken in addition to the research programme and dissertation.


One credit is nominally equivalent to one semester hour as in the typical American degree programme. The average course unit taken with CIU has a value of 3 credits or 3 semester hours.



Further advice


This brochure cannot cover everything, and further advice is available on enquiry. For best advice, please send us a copy of your curriculum vitae or resume with details of all relevant trainings you have done.


To see our prospectus and course unit list, and also to download an application form, please go to our downloads page


To see our tuition fees on-line please go to our tuition fees page


Calamus International University which awards the degrees is not a UK or US university - for status details click here.

If you have any queries please contact us, preferably by email on


Page updated 22 April 2011

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