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Contact Details  (amended June 2016)

Calamus International University was previously represented in the UK and most international regions by Calamus Extension College Ltd., London.  Calamus Extension College Ltd. is no longer dealing with student liaison and enrolments for CIU and all administration previously handled by the Extension College is being transferred to UK College of Holistic Training (see  The Calamus Extension College contact details will remain in operation for at least a further 12 months so that any communications from people unaware of the changes can be redirected and handled.

You may still use the Calamus email address which will be operational for the reasonable future. Enquiries will be routed to the appropriate office.

Correspondence should now be sent to UK College of Holistic Training as follows:


UK College of Holistic Training

27 Old Gloucester Street

London WC1N 3AX

United Kingdom


Email address for all CIU matters:


UKCHT can now handle all enquiries from current and previous students as well as admissions enquiries.

Web site: (a new interim website is under construction)

Calamus International University  (registered in Republic of Vanuatu)

Registered address: 

Calamus International University (British West Indies) Ltd., PO Box 1487, Port Vila, Vanuatu.  

All applications, student correspondence, enquiries regarding verification of qualifications, and all other routine correspondence must be addressed to the University's representative office in the UK as follows:

UK College of Holistic Training

27 Old Gloucester Street

London WC1N 3AX

United Kingdom

(This address is for correspondence only. Personal callers cannot be dealt with at this address.)

For fastest response please enquire by EMAIL to

The website of UKCHT, which offers its own certificates and diplomas, is at 


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