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essential notes about our course unit listings

Legacy units – an explanation:   The vast majority of units are textbook-based.  Textbooks often go out of print and then we need to decide whether to still offer the unit. If the unit still has academic or practical value, it will be retained as a “legacy” unit. This means that if the student does not have a copy, he/she will need to obtain one on the used book market, which is easy for people in most countries because of the major Internet bookstores. If the book is republished, the “legacy” tag will be removed, and if a new edition of the book appears, the unit will be reinstated using the new edition wherever possible. This use of the word “legacy” to mean “available in older editions only” stems from its use referring to computer software.   If a book is out of print and we judge it to be outdated and/or no longer of value, the unit will be withdrawn.

Live links will be added to the course titles listed below when on-line descriptions are available. Those units will be flagged LIVE LINK .

COU151    3 credits     Freudian Thought for the 21st Century

COU171    3 credits     Counselling for Helpers and Other Professionals

COU172    3 credits     Introduction to Psychodynamic Counselling

COU173    3 credits     Counselling for Management and Business

COU201    3 credits     Recovered Memory; Complications/Problems (legacy)

COU202    3 credits     The Therapist-Client Relationship I

COU204    3 credits     Outline of Psychotherapy

COU207    3 credits     Modern Person-Centred Counselling

COU208    3 credits     Brief Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress…

COU209    3 credits     Transference and the Therapeutic Relationship

COU210    3 credits     Issues in Training and Supervision

COU211    3 credits     Individual Therapy in the UK

COU251    3 credits     Heuristic Research and Psychotherapy

COU253    3 credits     Principles of Counselling Research

COU254    3 credits     Parent-Child Psychotherapy

COU255    3 credits     Intro to Cognitive Analytic Therapy

COU256    3 credits     Good Practice in Psychodrama

COU257    3 credits     Practical Psychodynamic Counselling

COU258    3 credits     Games People Play

COU259    3 credits     Born to Win: TA and Gestalt

COU260    3 credits     Problem Solving Therapy

COU261    3 credits     Provocative Therapy

COU262    3 credits     Peoplemaking (Introducing family interactions)

COU263    3 credits     Poisonous Parenting

COU264    3 credits     The Maturing Relationship

COU265    3 credits     Counselling Young People

COU266    3 credits     Counselling Children- A Practical Approach

COU267    3 credits     Counselling Adolescents – A Practical Approach

COU268    3 credits     Telephone Counselling Skills

COU300    3 credits     The Egan Model: A Short Course

COU311    3 credits     A Guide to Person-Centred Counselling

COU312    3 credits     Helpful and Unhelpful Interventions

COU313    3 credits     Narrative Therapy

COU314    3 credits     Intro to Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

COU315    3 credits     Intro to Cognitive Therapy

COU317    3 credits     Qualitative Research Methods

COU318    3 credits     The Works of Carl Rogers

COU319    3 credits     Counselling Difficult Clients

COU320    3 credits     Readings in Body Psychotherapy

COU322    3 credits     Focusing

COU323    3 credits     Helping Anorexia and Bulimia

COU325    3 credits     Gestalt Counselling in Practice

COU326    3 credits     Solution-oriented Psychotherapy

COU328    3 credits     Inner Principles of Gestalt Therapy

COU329    3 credits     Person-Centred Counselling of Drug Users

COU330    3 credits     Egan Skilled Helper Model- Advanced Studies

COU331    3 credits     Metaphoric Healing Stories for Children and Teens

COU332    3 credits     Successful Practice Building for Counsellors/Therapists

COU333    3 credits     Anger Management for Counsellors and Therapists

COU334    3 credits     Depression Management Skills

COU335    3 credits     Anxiety Management Skills

COU336    3 credits     Meditation for Therapists and Clients

COU398    3 credits     Independent Studies in Counselling

COU418    3 credits     Soul-Centred Psychotherapy (legacy)

COU419    3 credits     Psychotherapy in Long-Term Care of the Aged

COU420    3 credits     Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

COU421    3 credits     Counselling, Psychotherapy & Traditional Healing

COU422    3 credits     Teachings from the Therapy Masters

COU423    3 credits     Ethics in Psychotherapy I

COU424    3 credits     Ethics in Psychotherapy 2

COU425    3 credits     Zen Therapy

COU426    3 credits     Interpretation of Patients' Drawings

COU427    5 credits     Advanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

COU428    4 credits     Rational Emotive Behaviour Counselling

COU429    4 credits     Eye Movement Desensitization

COU431    3 credits     Good Practice in REBT

COU432    3 credits     Transforming Depression through Creativity

COU433    3 credits     Cognitive Development Therapy with Children

COU434    3 credits     Counselling & Psychotherapy in Private Practice

COU435    3 credits     Counselling and Breast Cancer

COU436    3 credits     Biologically-informed Therapy for Depression

COU438    3 credits     Selected Readings: Works of Irving Yalom

COU440    3 credits     M.Scott Peck: The Road Less Travelled

COU441    3 credits     M.Scott Peck: A World Waiting to Be Born

COU442    3 credits     M.Scott Peck: People of the Lie

COU443    3 credits     Humour in Psychotherapy and Life

COU446    3 credits     Trauma Healing Through Survival Energy

COU447    3 credits     Delivering Anger Management Training (legacy)

COU448    3 credits     Creativity & the Dissociative Patient

COU449    3 credits     Therapy with Children

COU450    3 credits     Counselling for Heart Disease

COU451    3 credits     Abuse in Families: A Systemic View

COU501    6 credits     Family Therapy – A Comprehensive Overview

COU601    4.5 credits  Art Therapy - A Comprehensive Overview

COU199    3 credits     Couns/Psych. practitioner - clinical practicum I

COU299    3 credits     Couns./Psych. practitioner - clinical practicum II

COU399    3 credits     Couns./Psych. practitioner - clinical practicum III

COU499    3 credits     Couns./Psych. practitioner - PG clin.pract. I

COU599    3 credits     Couns./Psych. practitioner - PG clin.pract. II

COU699    3 credits     Couns.Psych. Senior clinical practicum

Note: for BEREAVEMENT/GRIEF COUNSELLING see separate Course Unit List featuring Thanatology)

More units will become available and special topics can be requested.

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