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Index of Metaphysics Course Units

Comprising the following fields:
Ancient & Modern Mysteries;   Metaphysics; Esoteric Studies; Myth and Symbol

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essential notes about our course unit listings

Units may also be made available on request on Tarot, Dowsing and Graphology (the latter two fields are not necessarily esoteric or metaphysical, but are mentioned here because they are generally regarded as "fringe" fields which do not have mainstream acceptability and about which science is still undecided.)

More units will be added to these listings - please revisit.  Other relevant units may be found under Contemporary Spirituality, Personal Development, Shamanistic Studies, Regression & Reincarnation Studies, Religion and Interfaith Studies, Transpersonal Psychology, and other areas.

Legacy units – an explanation:   The vast majority of units are textbook-based.  Textbooks often go out of print and then we need to decide whether to still offer the unit. If the unit still has academic or practical value, it will be retained as a “legacy” unit. This means that if the student does not have a copy, he/she will need to obtain one on the used book market, which is easy for people in most countries because of the major Internet bookstores. If the book is republished, the “legacy” tag will be removed, and if a new edition of the book appears, the unit will be reinstated using the new edition wherever possible. This use of the word “legacy” to mean “available in older editions only” stems from its use referring to computer software.   If a book is out of print and we judge it to be outdated and/or no longer of value, the unit will be withdrawn.

Live links will be added to the course titles listed below when on-line descriptions are available. Those units will be flagged LIVE LINK .

ANCIENT AND MODERN MYSTERIES                                                                      

AMM202     3 credits      Mysteries of the Neanderthal Civilization

AMM204     3 credits      Fingerprints of the Gods

AMM205     3 credits      Egypt, Freemasons and Secret Scrolls

AMM205     3 credits      Atlantis – The Minoan Theory

AMM206     3 credits      Ancient Egyptian sacred consciousness

AMM207     3 credits      Archeological Mysteries of the Bible

AMM208     3 credits      From Atlantis to the Sphinx

AMM209     3 credits      Ancient Egypt, Monotheism & the Bible (legacy)


MET104      3 credits      Practical Techniques for Psychic Development

MET105      3 credits      Practical Metaphysics for Personal Growth

MET106      3 credits      Mysticism and the New Physics

MET107      3 credits      The Holographic Universe

MET108      6 credits      Teachings and Symbols of the Ages

MET109      3 credits      Spiritual Exercises from the Mystic Masters (legacy)

MET110      3 credits      Practical Access to Past-Life Memories

MET111      3 credits      Numerology Explained

MET112      3 credits      The Magic of the Pendulum

MET113      3 credits      The Power of Coincidence

MET114      3 credits      An Intuition Self-Development Programme

MET115      3 credits      Animal Teachers and Healers

MET116      3 credits      Coaching Your Soul

MET117      3 credits      Fulfil Your Potential with Your Guardian Angel

MET118      3 credits      Practical Techniques for Working with Angels

MET119      3 credits      Communicating with the Archangel Michael

MET120      3 credits      Power of Mind over Matter

MET187      3 credits      Inner Light and Transforming Consciousness (legacy)

MET199      3 credits      The Seth Material

MET200      3 credits      Eternal Validity of the Soul (a Seth study)

MET201      3 credits      Nature of Mass Events (a Seth study)

MET202      3 credits      Intro to Individual & Group Meditation (legacy)

MET203      3 credits      Nature of Personal Reality (a Seth study)

MET204      3 credits      Selections from 'Course in Miracles'

MET205      3 credits      Psychic Healing with Guides and Angels

MET206      3 credits      Modern Psychic Self Defense

MET207      3 credits      Imagination, Ancient Myth and Depth Psychology

MET208      3 credits      William James and the Afterdeath Journal (Seth)

MET209      3 credits      Adventures in Consciousness (Seth)

MET210      3 credits      New Thought – a Metaphysical Movement

MET211      3 credits      Metaphysics, Power and Intention

MET212      3 credits      Metaphysics, Manifestation and Destiny

MET213      3 credits      Kabbalistic Spiritual Exercises for Soul Happiness

MET214      3 credits      Metaphysical Ritual Practice

MET215      3 credits      The Life of the Soul Before Birth

MET217      3 credits      Watching with the Dying- Celtic Thanatology

MET218      3 credits      Birth Angels, Kabbalah and Life Purpose (legacy)

MET219      3 credits      Clearing Trapped Energies in Buildings and Land

MET405      3 credits      Beyond the Post-Modern Mind

ESOTERIC STUDIES, MYTH and SYMBOL                                             

NES201      3 credits      Powerful Prayers

NES301      3 credits      Tarot History and Symbolism 

NES401      3 credits      The Western Way I 

NES402      3 credits      The Western Way II

NES403      3 credits      Vision and Magic in the Druid Tradition (legacy)

NES404      3 credits      Surrealism and the Occult

NES405      3 credits      Ritual Magic in Contemporary England (legacy)

NES408      3 credits      The Mystical Shape of The Godhead

NES409      3 credits      History of Modern Witchcraft & Paganism

NES410      4 credits      The Witches' Sabbath Deciphered (legacy)

NES411      3 credits      Ritual Magic in History

NES412      4 credits      The Symbols of Humankind (legacy)

NES413      3 credits      The Goddess in Judaism & Christianity (legacy)

NES414      3 credits      Life & Magic of John Dee (legacy)

NES415      3 credits      History of Hermetic Thought

NES416      3 credirs      The Meaning of Mythology

NES417      3 credits      Myths to Live By

NES418      3 credits      The Myth of the Magus

NES419      3 credits      Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings

NES420      3 credits      Steiner and the Druids

NES421      3 credits      Practices and Beliefs of Wicca

NES422      3 credits      A Modern Psychological Kabbalah

NES423      3 credits      The Wizard and Magician in History

NES424      3 credits      Reconstruction of Celtic Paganism (legacy)

NES425      3 credits      The Western Inner Traditions

NES426      3 credits      The Druid in Celtic History and Tradition

NES427      3 credits      Introduction to History and Ideas of Kabbalah

NES428      3 credits      Irish Mythology, Archetypes and Personal Growth (legacy)

NES429      3 credits      Grail Knowledge and Origins of Religion

NES430      3 credits      Secrets of the New Kybalion

NES431      3 credits      Allegorical Biblical Metaphysics I

NES432      3 credits      Allegorical Biblical Metaphysics II 

NES433     4.5 credits    Gnostic Philosophy, Ancient and Modern

We can also make available a variety of units on the following subjects:

  • Tarot
  • Dowsing / radiesthesia
  • Graphology

Please ask if you are interested in those topics as part of your programme of study


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