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essential notes about our course unit listings

Legacy units – an explanation:   The vast majority of units are textbook-based.  Textbooks often go out of print and then we need to decide whether to still offer the unit. If the unit still has academic or practical value, it will be retained as a “legacy” unit. This means that if the student does not have a copy, he/she will need to obtain one on the used book market, which is easy for people in most countries because of the major Internet bookstores. If the book is republished, the “legacy” tag will be removed, and if a new edition of the book appears, the unit will be reinstated using the new edition wherever possible. This use of the word “legacy” to mean “available in older editions only” stems from its use referring to computer software.   If a book is out of print and we judge it to be outdated and/or no longer of value, the unit will be withdrawn.

Live links will be added to the course titles listed below when on-line descriptions are available. Those units will be flagged LIVE LINK .

ORG105    9-12 cred   Organizational Behaviour

ORG524    9-12 cred   Business Psychology

(PSY 101 to PSY 108 must be taken as one block)

PSY101     1.5 credits Intro Psych: Biol. Foundations, Development

PSY102     1.5 credits Intro Psych: Senses, Perception, Consciousness

PSY103     1.5 credits Intro Psych: Learning, Memory, Language, Thought

PSY104     1.5 credits Intro Psych: Motivation, Emotion, Personality

PSY105     1.5 credits Intro Psych Stress, Health, Psych. Disorders

PSY106     1 credit       Intro Psych: Social Psychology

PSY107     1.5 credits Psychology Essay A

PSY108     1.5 credits Psychology Essay B

PSY109     3 credits     Child Development 0-16

PSY110     3 credits     The Mind of the Child

PSY111     3 credits     Introducing Child Psychology

PSY205     3 credits     Introduction to Psychiatric Drugs

PSY206     3 credits     Studies in Early Attachment

PSY208     3 credits     How Babies Think

PSY209     3.5 credits The Nurture Assumption

PSY210     6 credits     Abnormal Child Psychology

PSY211(e)   3 credits   Classics of Psychology - James' Principles

PSY222     3 credits     Brain Architecture and Consciousness

PSY223     3 credits     Shaping the Brain by Experience

PSY224     3 credits     Molecules of Emotion

PSY225     3 credits     Psychological Effects of Music

PSY226     3 credits     Tells: Secrets of Body Language

PSY231     3 credits     Consciousness & The Human Mind (legacy)

PSY241     3 credits     Principles of Developmental Psychology (legacy)

PSY252     3 credits     Understanding Dissociation

PSY255     3 credits     Psychological Problems of Adulthood

PSY260     3 credits     Cases of a Forensic Psychologist I

PSY261     3 credits     Cases of a Forensic Psychologist II

PSY262     3 credits     Working with our Subpersonalities

PSY263     3 credits     An Overview of Humanistic Psychology

PSY264     3 credits     How Psychologists Can Change Society

PSY280     4 credits     Temperament, Character and Intelligence

PSY281     3 credits     The Inner Image (Psychological Type)

PSY282     3 credits     The Personality of the Developing Child (legacy)

PSY283     3 credits     The Diversity of Human Personality (Myers-Briggs)

PSY284     3 credits     Subpersonalities

PSY285     3 credits     Memory and Abuse

PSY287     3 credits     Overcoming Trauma of Childhood Abuse

PSY288     3 credits     Society's Betrayal of the Child

PSY290     3 credits     The 16 Personality Types Identified (Myers-Briggs)

PSY291     3 credits     Early Childhood Trauma and Society

PSY292     3 credits     Creativity, Destructiveness & Childhood Trauma

PSY293     3 credits     Repression and Childhood Injuries

PSY295     4 credits     Psychology at Work

PSY296     3 credits     Roots of Violence in Child-Rearing

PSY297     4 credits     Consciousness & The Bicameral Mind (legacy)

PSY298     3 credits     Emotional Intelligence

PSY299     3 credits     Psychology of Influence

PSY303     3 credits     Psychology of Creative Writing

PSY305     3 credits     Psychology of Pet Ownership

PSY306     3 credits     Psychology of Criminal Conduct

PSY308     3 credits     Designing Psychological Experiments

PSY309     3 credits     Flow: A Psychology of Happiness
PSY311     3 credits     Flow and Everyday Life

PSY310     3 credits     The New Positive Psychology

PSY355-60 t.b.a.         Abnormal Psychology (new series)

PSY361     3 credits     Intro to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PSY367     3 credits     The Myth of Repressed Memory

PSY368     3 credits     Origins of Schizophrenia

PSY369     4 credits     Descriptive Psychopathology

PSY370     4.5 credits Recognising Mental Illness in Everyday Life

PSY371     4.5 credits Attention Deficit Disorder - Children and Adults

PSY372     3 credits     Psychosis and Human Nature

PSY378     3 credits     Introduction to Psychology of Crime

PSY380     3 credits     Research Methods & Stats in Psychology

PSY381     3 credits     Rethinking Methods in Psychology

PSY382     3 credits     Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research

PSY384     3 credits     Innovative Methods of Psychological Research

PSY387     3 credits     Psychological Meaning of Fairy Tales

PSY388     3 credits     Critical History of Personality Testing

PSY404     3 credits     Violent Children and Adolescents

PSY405     3 credits     Parents of Premature Infants

PSY406     3 credits     The Undiscovered Mind (legacy)

PSY407     3 credits     Trauma, Psychotherapy and the Body

PSY410     3 credits     Psychology, History and the Problem of Evil

PSY411     3 credits     Selective Mutism in Children

PSY412     3 credits     Implementing Emotional Intelligence (legacy)

PSY413     4.5 credits   Clinical Sports Psychology

PSY414     3 credits     Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in Youth


More units will become available and special topics can be requested.

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