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essential notes about our course unit listings

Legacy units – an explanation:   The vast majority of units are textbook-based.  Textbooks often go out of print and then we need to decide whether to still offer the unit. If the unit still has academic or practical value, it will be retained as a “legacy” unit. This means that if the student does not have a copy, he/she will need to obtain one on the used book market, which is easy for people in most countries because of the major Internet bookstores. If the book is republished, the “legacy” tag will be removed, and if a new edition of the book appears, the unit will be reinstated using the new edition wherever possible. This use of the word “legacy” to mean “available in older editions only” stems from its use referring to computer software.   If a book is out of print and we judge it to be outdated and/or no longer of value, the unit will be withdrawn.

Live links will be added to the course titles listed below when on-line descriptions are available. Those units will be flagged LIVE LINK .


Keywords: Complementary Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health

Please note that the courses below are course units that are intended as part of Wellness Studies, Complementary Health Studies and other degrees awarded by Calamus International University. It is not possible to take a single course unit on its own. The units and the degree courses are not practitioner qualifications - they do not qualify you to practise any branch of complementary medicine. They are intended as professional development programmes for existing qualified practitioners, or as general health studies courses for those who would like a background in complementary health studies for personal study or in order to help decide what practical training to choose or what complementary medical profession to enter. So, for example, if you would like to become an aromatherapist, you should seek a specialised school of aromatherapy that can give you practical training. 

WCH161    3 credits     Anatomy & Physiology for Holistic Therapists

WCH201    3 credits     The Heart, Energy Medicine & Cellular Memory

WCH202    3 credits     NLP Communication for the Helping Professional

WCH203    3 credits     Art as Medicine

WCH204    3 credits     Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress

WCH205    3 credits     Spiritual Aspects of Health Care (legacy)

WCH206    3 credits     Therapeutic Relationship in Complementary Health Care

WCH208    3 credits     Imagery in Healing

WCH210    4 credits     Energy Medicine

WCH212    3 credits     Guided Imagery for Healing and Growth (legacy)

WCH213    3 credits     Essential Reiki

WCH215    3 credits     Bodymind Communication and Self-Healing (legacy)

WCH216    3 credits     The Power of Prayer in Healing (legacy)

WCH217    3 credits     Spiritual Healing (legacy)

WCH218    3 credits     Space, Time and Health

WCH220    3 credits     Therapeutic Touch (legacy)

WCH223    3 credits     Quantum Healing

WCH225    3 credits     Develop Your Healing Potential (legacy)

WCH228    3 credits     Overview of Reiki 1, 2 and 3

WCH229    3 credits     Restoring the Spirit to Healing (legacy)

WCH230    3 credits     Nutrition for a Healthy Mind                     

WCH232    3 credits     Healing at the Soul Level

WCH233    3 credits     Biology of Belief

WCH235    3 credits     Healing with Angels

WCH236    3 credits     Emotional Healing for Cats

WCH237    3 credits     Nutrition for Children’s Mental Health (legacy)

WCH240    3 credits     Practical Holistic Therapy

WCH241    3 credits     Holistic Body Massage

WCH242    3 credits     Holistic Aromatherapy

WCH243    3 credits     Reflexology                                                 

WCH244    3 credits     Herbal Medicine

WCH251    3 credits     Reiki Symbols and Secrets Explained

WCH252    3 credits     Reiki Healing with Chakras

WCH253    3 credits     Auric Reiki for Mental & Emotional Issues

WCH254    3 credits     Reiki Myths and Misconceptions

WCH255    3 credits     Food as Medicine

WCH256    3 credits     Wiccan Healing Therapies

WCH257    3 credits     Energy Psychology Techniques

WCH258    3 credits     Reiki Self-Attunement and Advanced Techniques

WCH263    6 credits    Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 1 & 2 Practitioner (PC multimedia course)
                              (requires additional fees paid to external provider)

WCH264    3 credits    Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 3 distance learning course
                               (requires additional fees to external provider. This is a textbook-based course requiring exam

                                and case studies.)                      

WCH310    3 credits     A Celtic System of Natural Healing

WCH311    3 credits     Beyond Reiki- Teachings and Techniques (legacy)

WCH312    3 credits     Buddhist Roots of Reiki Healing

WCH313    3 credits     Introduction to the Kahuna Healing Tradition

WCH365    3 credits     Methodol. Of Spirit Release & Psychic Protection

WCH366    3 credits     Advanced Reframing for EFT Practitioners/Energy Psych

WCH367    3 credits     Principles of Practical Energy Psychology

WCH368    3 credits     Patterns of Language in Emotional Freedom Techniques

WCH369    3 credits     Tapping, Trauma and After-Death Communication

WCH370    3 credits     Tools and Techniques of EMDR

WCH371    3 credits     Case Studies of an EMDR Practitioner

WCH372    3 credits     Resource Tapping: A Self-Help Technique

WCH373    3 credits     Energy Psychology and Mind-Body Healing

WCH411    4.5 credits  Psychiatry in Dissent

WCH413    3 credits     Reinventing Medicine - The New Healing

WCH414    4 credits     Healing through the Human Energy Field

WCH415    4 credits     Further Human Energy Field Studies

WCH416    3 credits     The Medicine of Light

WCH417    3 credits     Flower Essences and Healing

WCH418    3 credits     Advanced Applications of Reiki

WCH419    3 credits     Mind-Body Approaches for Serious Illness (legacy)

WCH420    5 credits     Vibrational Medicine

WCH424    3 credits     Healing & Metaphysical Properties of Crystals (legacy)

WCH425    3 credits     Crystal Power, Crystal Healing

WCH426    3 credits     Holistic Medicine and Energy Therapies

WCH428    3 credits     Young People and Sexual Health

WCH429    4.5 credits   New Flower Essence Repertory - Britain/Ireland

WCH430    4.5 credits   British and N America Flower Essence Repertory Studies

MAN462    4.5 credits   Health and Wellness Tourism

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