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Calamus International University Honorary Awards

Awards issued by Calamus International University, Republic of Vanuatu - these are not UK awards
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The Honorary Doctorate has a long history and practically every university in the world has awarded Honorary Doctorates to celebrities, politicians, members of the business community and philanthropists. The Honorary Doctorate requires no academic work and entitles the D.Univ. recipient to use the title “Doctor”, though this is optional. Traditionally, the Honorary Doctorate was a Ph.D., though the practice of awarding the M.Univ. and D.Univ. degrees arose to avoid confusion with the academic Ph.D. More recently, certain universities have reinstated the award of the honorary Ph.D., and Calamus International University is now following this trend.  However, honorary Ph.D. awards are restricted to extremely well-qualified candidates and in practice, very few CIU honorary Ph.Ds are awarded. The honorary degree is normally awarded as soon as the application is approved and enrolment and registration formalities are completed, and is the quickest route to a respectable CIU degree, though it is not an academic degree and must not be used as such.


Whilst the M.Univ. and D.Univ. degrees do not signify any academic work, they carry special privileges at CIU. Since the holder of an honorary Master or Doctor of the University degree from CIU has been duly scrutinised, accepted and welcomed as a senior member of the CIU alumni, he or she may proceed to read for a higher degree (a Ph.D., Professional Doctorate or, in the case of a D.Univ. holder, a D.Sc./D.Litt. degree) without holding a taught Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. This privilege respects and honours the accomplished and educated individual who may not have had the opportunity of an early university education and allows such persons an accelerated route to consolidation of their higher academic standing.


People in all continents and many countries have been proud to receive CIU honorary awards.

Nominations are welcomed for the award of the following honorary degrees by Calamus International University, Republic of Vanuatu. Candidates (who may self-nominate) should be of exemplary character and possess an excellent record of achievement in their careers or in creative, voluntary, pastoral, community, sporting, scholarly or philanthropic activities. Honorary doctorates are not academic degrees. 

Nominations by third parties (e.g. employers, relatives, colleagues) must be accompanied by an application form completed by the actual candidate and a written statement from either the candidate or the nominating party confirming that funding for the arrangement fee is available. We are unable to consider nominations made without the candidate's knowledge.

D.Univ. (Doctor of the University)  The degree of M.Univ. (Master of the University) is also available.

Ph.D. honoris causa (not available in therapy- or medical-related fields: an alternative major may be suggested instead.)

Ed.D. (Doctor of Education) honoris causa

D.R.S. (Doctor of Religious Studies) honoris causa

D.B.A. (Doctor of Business Administration) honoris causa

D.D. (Doctor of Divinity)

Met.D. (Doctor of Metaphysics) honoris causa

Other awards

Other honorary doctoral awards may be considered.  All degrees listed as “honoris causa” (Latin for “honorary”) will have the words “honoris causa” inscribed on the degree certificate to distinguish them from earned degrees.

Awards are not automatic

We cannot stress highly enough that Calamus International University honorary doctorates are privileged awards and are not automatic. Each application goes through a rigorous evaluation process, including proof of ID where necessary. Comparatively few honorary degrees are awarded and many candidates are rejected.  Please do not confuse these honorary awards with awards from other institutions that do not have any restrictions whatsoever on who receives an award.

CIU does not award honorary degrees in the following fields: medicine, homeopathy, hypnotherapy and many professional fields where honorary awards could cause confusion with taught qualifications. Instead, professional in such fields seeking an honorary doctorate are advised to apply for one in a related but non-clinical field. We will give personal and confidential advice in each case.

Fees payable

Please note that fees are payable for the arrangement of CIU honorary awards. Click this link to see our fees information. Applications seeking waivers of the requisite arrangement fees will not be considered.

Higher Doctorates – D.Sc. (Doctor of Science) and D.Litt. (Doctor of Letters) 

Candidates who already have acceptable doctoral degrees and who are also highly accomplished professionals or scholars are welcome to enquire about a path to a higher doctorate – the D.Sc. or D.Litt awarded by Calamus International University. These degrees cannot be awarded to persons who do not hold a prior doctoral degree. The D.Sc. and D.Litt. can be awarded on an honorary or non-honorary basis.

To enquire about eligibility for an honorary award, please send your curriculum vitae or résumé to with a covering letter explaining why you are seeking the award. All information will be treated confidentially.

Page updated 1 January 2013

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