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We are constantly combing the search engines and many other sources to bring you the cream of cyberspace!  We are steadily adding more links to this site.  You will be surprised at the variety and usefulness of the links you find!  Start in these pages and you will find gems that you'd spend hours digging for on Google!  If you like our links, share this URL with your friends! 

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Disclaimer - Calamus Extension College Ltd. and Calamus International University are not responsible for the content of external links or for the outcome of any contact or transactions with the businesses or services whose links are listed.

From March 2011 we are testing all previous links and eliminating dead links, link farms, redirected links, and useless sites. Many sites have disappeared and therefore, for a while, some of our links pages will look slimmed down. The next phase will be to add more quality links, which will be an ongoing operation. We are also aiming to speed up our response time to requests for reciprocal links.

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