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From July 2014 we are moving to a new mailing list system and we are asking everyone to resubscribe. 

We apologise for the inconvenience.




Why you need to subscribe again even if you are on our old list


Our lists need to be cleaned up so that we are not sending emails to people who no longer want them but who haven't unsubscribed. We also need to identify the country of origin of each email address, thanks to new harsh Canadian anti-spam laws that might be copied by other jurisdictions. There are also other things we cannot easily manage with our old lists, for example reinstating someone who wants to rejoin the list. Finally, many people found difficulty in completing the double opt-in process - so they thought they had subscribed but hadn't really - and the system did not allow us to do it for them, so we could not send them any newsletters!


The simplest solution was to create a new list from scratch, and to ensure we have the correct data, we are asking you to sign up for the new list. It will only take a minute or so and will help us to to bring you our news.




Letting people know about the change


Starting on 26th June 2014, we are sending out a series of automated emails to people on our old lists, asking them to resubscribe. There will probably be three messages, to ensure people see them especially if they have been away. We will also put a note on our Facebook page.


Some people (such as those who recently contacted us ) may get manual emails with the same information. We apologise for any duplication, but this is too important to miss. From 1st July 2014 onwards, the old lists (powered by Vertical Response) WILL BE FROZEN. Our new list will be powered by NewZapp, with data collection by Coffee Cup Software. We may change either of these providers if we feel we need to. The companies we use are established, reliable and secure.


We won't send a newsletter from the new system immediately, because we want to allow some time for enough people to join. Please stay with us.




Faculty members and associates


We will be adding faculty members and our close associates to the new list manually, but they may see this message or get our email about the changes before we do this. If you are a faculty member, representative or regional associate and you want to subscribe to the list, please go ahead and do so.


The new list is being alpha-tested at the moment


We hope everything will go according to plan but systems sometimes do the unexpected.  Any serious bugs we encounter will be reported on this page.




How to unsubscribe


Every new email will have an unsubscribe link at the end.  You can also unsubscribe by replying to any newsletter and putting UNSUBSCRIBE at the beginning of the subject line. If you change your mind, email us and ask us to subscribe you again. No problem!






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