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Calamus International University (Vanuatu)

Calamus International University strives to make straightforward statements about issues of accreditation or recognition. Being legally registered and/or licensed outside the UK does not mean UK accreditation or recognition by the British government.

Important Statement on Accreditation
(including CIU's Accreditation by the International Association for Distance Learning)

Calamus International University is not a UK university & therefore does not have UK accreditation or recognition by the UK government. CIU is not a US university and so cannot come within the official US regional accreditation system or be "regionally accredited" in the US. CIU is not an EU university. CIU is an international private distance-learning university.? There is no government-approved accreditation system for such universities.

Nevertheless, private accreditation systems exist and Calamus International University has been fully accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning since 2006 - membership no. 11031.

Calamus International University degrees are not designed to meet any particular statutory occupational licensing or other requirements of any single state or country, and it is the prospective student's responsibility to ensure that the degree sought meets all desired requirements in terms of acceptance by local employers, educational institutions, professional bodies and for the purpose of local vocational or employment licensing laws. Prospective applicants are directed to carry out local enquiries in their own country concerning such matters by contacting whichever local bodies the applicant deems relevant to his or her purpose. Calamus International University cannot undertake to do so on the applicant's behalf. Calamus International University students tend to value individuality, flexibility, love of lifelong learning and a holistic approach more than the restrictive conventions of traditional higher education. Most students are professionally qualified, or will already be pursuing routes to professional credentials, and will be interested in a distance learning degree primarily to acquire a?degree qualification.

Calamus International University was founded in the British West Indies in 2001

The University's corporate location in the British West Indies was established in 2001 through becoming licensed as Calamus International University Ltd, enabling the institution to accept students from all continents.  The University was given a certificate of registration from the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies.  However, further developments took place and Calamus International University no longer held its corporate presence in the Turks and Caicos after December, 2007.

Registration of CIU in the Republic of Vanuatu from September 2007

Vanuatu flag
flag of Vanuatu - image courtesy of

In September 2007, Calamus International University became registered in the Republic of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific, under the International Companies Act No. 32 of 1992, Republic of Vanuatu. To honour the original foundation of CIU in the West Indies in 2001, the university company registered in Vanuatu was given the name of Calamus International University (British West Indies) Ltd.   The company is limited by Guarantee (therefore it operates on a non-profit basis) and its registration number is 34088. 

The address of CIU in the Republic of Vanuatu is:? Calamus International University (British West Indies) Ltd., PO Box 1487, Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu. (Please note that all routine correspondence, including all student and academic matters, should be sent to our international representatives who are now as follows:

UK College of Holistic Training

27 Old Gloucester Street

London WC1N 3AX

United Kingdom


This applies to enquiries from ALL COUNTRIES. 

In the Republic of Vanuatu, no government approval or accreditation is necessary in order for a private university entity to award its own degrees.

Vanuatu is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth).? From Wikipedia: In 1906, the United Kingdom and France officially claimed [Vanuatu], jointly managing it through a British-French Condominium as the New Hebrides. An independence movement was established in the 1970s, and the Republic of Vanuatu was created in 1980.

Click here for full Wikipedia entry on Vanuatu

Professional Bodies and Societies

Through UK College of Holistic Training, the University offers students advice on possible membership of certain UK professional bodies for students/alumni who have taken appropriate courses.

Arrangements can be made for UK diplomas to be awarded in parallel with some CIU therapy-related courses.

Routes to Professional Accreditation for Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists

CIU courses are not intended to satisfy particular licensing requirements in any country, and you must always check with the relevant local regulations or professional organisations for what qualifications you need in order to practise. CIU awards are normally taken as professional development education by people who already have the qualifications and/or licences they need to work legally in their jurisdiction.  In the UK many forms of therapy are unregulated and qualifications may be awarded by private or government-recognised schools. Many UK therapists do not have degrees, or have degrees in completely different fields, and have followed a professional qualification route instead.

Authentication/legalisation of CIU degree certificates and transcripts by Apostille

The Apostille service applicable to CIU degrees has been suspended due to reorganisation. Instead we recommend the process below if your degree is suitable.

Obtaining a United States Apostille for your Calamus International University programme

Obtaining a United States equivalence qualification and a United States Apostille for your CIU studies

It may be possible for suitable CIU graduates to apply to a US private, non-profit educational body for the issue of a special diploma mentioning your CIU degree. This US-issued "equivalence" diploma can then be notarised and Apostilled in the United States, giving you an extra certificate legally authenticated in the USA.? (Obtaining this extra certification is not an accreditation of your degree by any US regional accrediting body). All applications for this scheme are subject to acceptance. Details will be given to successful applicants for CIU programmes where applicable - if you are an interested applicant, contact us at


What is Recognition?


There is no precise meaning of this word, so it is difficult to answer queries about it. You always need to specify, recognised by whom and for what purpose?


Individual employers, professional bodies, and other bodies and agencies all have different recognition criteria depending on exactly what is being recognised to what end.? Recognition does not mean accreditation - for example an employer may recognise a degree but that does not mean the company accredits it!? Even government-accredited degrees may not be recognised by certain employers or foreign governments or for certain specific jobs or professional memberships.? And most agencies who say they do not recognise certain types of degree have no power to accredit any degrees at all.




About UK College of Holistic Training


From June 2016, general administration, admissions and student records of CIU are under the auspices of UK College of Holistic Training, a private UK distance learning school that offers its own certificates and diplomas in various fields. UKCHT has worked closely with CIU since the latter's formation. UKCHT is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning and is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers, UK Provider Reference Number 10028354. 



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